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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Guide to: Autumn

Hello everyone. as you all know Autumn is approaching, meaning; candles, cuddly pj's and big hot chocolates. Which of course is a glorious season, one that personally I love, ALOT. I've decided to come up with a little series on my blog which will take place over the next few weeks, where I will be giving advice and tips along with my favourite things to do or wear in the Autumn. For example this post is Autumn make-up although I will post a whole face of the day as well soon. In this series I will go through many different topics like; skincare, fashion , outings and a lot more. so I hope that you enjoy this even if you are gripping on to the very last inklings of summer.

Top to bottom : Calvin Klein 'Orange Too'
Avroy Shilain 'Mulled Wine' - Click to see a post where I used this
Revlon: Spice it up
Rimmel scandal eyes waterproof eyeliner in bronze along with the benefit 'Fake up' concealer
So in the colder months I have to unfortunately let go of all my beautiful bright nail polish and coral lips and cheeks and kind of tone down the summer glow 'Bronzed Goddess' look although I still love the Rimmel eyeliner in bronze, just a little on the waterline or smudged into the lash line- I think looks gorgeous. Its also socially more acceptable to have darker lips which to be honest I do not like the full opaque dark lip look as I'm still in school I shear my lip colours out and slap on some lip balm and I'm good to go. Even though I think orange lips all year round is great, its perfect for Halloween. The benefit fake up concealer is really great during the colder months as its really moisturising as you can see the balmy moisturiser around the outskirts of the concealer- I only have a mini one but I will defiantly be purchasing a full sized one soon. I have very combination skin which tends too change a lot depending on the weather and in winter it gets dry so this concealers great for under the eyes around the nose and on the chin. I love the natural look, and trying to look as natural as possible so in the winter time I go for pinky blushers as it looks like you have just been outside and have come in from the cold, I would advise not going to overboard though as you may look like you've had a very sweaty run. I also have the bene-tint which is a super natural multi-purpose tint which looks so pretty as its a rose tone, a tone that most people blush. Last but not least, one of the staples of winter beauty is lip balm I love the Maybelline one in 'Cherry me' as its super sheer and perfect for school.
 Thank you for reading, here I will leave you with a few pictures of the products mentioned.
Headline colours in 'Gunmetal' -Only on one finger as I was taking pictures all on one day and... I'm lazy :)
Left to right : Natural Collection powder blush in 'Sweet Cheeks' , Benefit 'Bene-tint' , Maybelline babylips in 'Cherry me'


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