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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Beauty things i suck at...-Tag

Hello everyone, I'm sorry its been two weeks! I am going to catch up promise;) but anyway I have a tag for you all, because I realised that you guys really loved it. Please leave me a comment telling me what you prefer.
So I got tagged by the lovely Amelie from ' Allthingsthatglitterandbeauty ' blog. Its amazing and I loved her answers so I decided to do a little blog for you all!

1. Nail Polish: Nobody will understand my hate for nail polish until you actually watch me put it on, I absolutely love how nail polish looks on nails and how much it can impact a outfit, but doing them is just a pain in the neck! I will always snag them and bump them and they always look horrible because I never have the time to just sit there and wait for them to dry.-Although I have really been loving 'chop-sticking-to-my-story' from OPI lately.

2. Plucking my eyebrows: I generally just cant pluck my own eyebrows, they never look even when I do. I tend to get them done and just pluck any stray hairs that grow back. But I cant pluck my eyebrows, which is kind of annoying as it costs me money I could be spending on lipstick!

3.Hair: My hair never ever goes the way I want it to and it annoys me a lot, I am just generally a very lazy person but when I try put the effort in it tends to still look like it took me two seconds. I am doing a 'Hair and Beauty' course in school, and I can do other peoples hair fine, its just my own- something I cant do- unfortunately. I really want to do my hair all pretty! Comment me tips please :).

There is just a few things I suck at! If I went into detail this would be a really long post! I hope you all enjoyed it, I just wanted to add that I'm thinking of setting up my YouTube channel, and my first post could be something similar to this. Can you leave me a comment telling me if you would watch it? Wow I am so sorry about the ranting, rambling post but I hope you enjoyed it! :)

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    Also anyone who is kind enough to read my blog! Just leave a link in the comments along with a cool comment and I will check them out!:)
    See you all soon!



    1. I went and did it:)! Thanks for tagging me :)xx

    2. Thank you for the tag my love!! I suck at all of those things too haha <3


    3. Hi! Thank you for the the tag! :)
      I did tag, it was a bit of a fail, but I did ;D xoxo.

    4. great post!

    5. omg your eye lashes are so long and pretty i want to be friends with them lol

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    7. Your eyes are amazing! Please check out my blog!

    8. This is really cool, I'll do my reply now (I am The secret Life Of an unknown Teenager, But I recently changed it) Feel free to check mine out, its new so not much on. I can relate to this so muchc ah. :D

    9. u r amazing check out my blog:

    10. Loool i think quite a lot of people suck as those things like seriously those things take patience and precision which frankly i haven't got either. I like your post by the way it made me laugh and agree loads too! xx

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    Leave a comment, love you all loads guys! Don't forget to follow :)