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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Autumn Red Lip- Face of the day

Hello everyone! I thought I'd do a little post on this make-up look as I think it looks gorgeous on all skin tones, its also very flattering and you can dull I down for the day time.
I thought adding some sprinkle on my lips would be cool for the photos but it didn't turn out how I expected...I don't wear sprinkles out!

Please excuse the bright green top! I was ill when doing this look!

This is an over view of the make-up I used in the look.
I tried to make a 'high street make-up look' as I thought that it would be easier and cheaper to create but you can swap some of the things if you want!

Maybelline fit me foundation in 120
Collection 2000 concealer in medium (on blemishes and under eyes)
MUA (Make up Academy) cream blusher in Dolly
Hoola by benefit bronzer
Rimmel stay matte translucent powder

Maybelline 24Hour Colour tattoos - In the first images I used the 'Pink Gold' colour as a base and in the second I used 'On and on bronze'
for the first image I used the Avon 'seashell' pallet to contour and highlight my eye, in the second image I used Hoola by benefits bronzer to contour my eye and the lighter shade in the Avon pallet to highlight.
Maybelline Gel eyeliner in brown
Avory Slain - This is a south African brand (as I am from there) but any brown powder will do!
Mayblline the Falsies mascara in black drama.

I first used a lip balm: this Malibu one I have been testing in the flavour mint! it smells soo nice and its SPF not that you really nee that now but hey ho!
I then used another Avory Slain product : Lipstick - a dark or deep red will do!
I then used the bright blue colour of eye shadow from the Rimmel trio to ombre my lips.

I used the Eco Tools 'Flawless finish' brushes : The Blending foundation, Blending Concealer, flat concealer(for eye shadow) and Powder brushes.
I then used the brush that can with the eyeliner to line my eyes with.
I then just used a blending brush and my fingers to blend out any hash edges!

So that was my first ever Face of the day! Please do let me know if you liked this post and want to see it again!
See you all soon!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Beauty things i suck at...-Tag

Hello everyone, I'm sorry its been two weeks! I am going to catch up promise;) but anyway I have a tag for you all, because I realised that you guys really loved it. Please leave me a comment telling me what you prefer.
So I got tagged by the lovely Amelie from ' Allthingsthatglitterandbeauty ' blog. Its amazing and I loved her answers so I decided to do a little blog for you all!

1. Nail Polish: Nobody will understand my hate for nail polish until you actually watch me put it on, I absolutely love how nail polish looks on nails and how much it can impact a outfit, but doing them is just a pain in the neck! I will always snag them and bump them and they always look horrible because I never have the time to just sit there and wait for them to dry.-Although I have really been loving 'chop-sticking-to-my-story' from OPI lately.

2. Plucking my eyebrows: I generally just cant pluck my own eyebrows, they never look even when I do. I tend to get them done and just pluck any stray hairs that grow back. But I cant pluck my eyebrows, which is kind of annoying as it costs me money I could be spending on lipstick!

3.Hair: My hair never ever goes the way I want it to and it annoys me a lot, I am just generally a very lazy person but when I try put the effort in it tends to still look like it took me two seconds. I am doing a 'Hair and Beauty' course in school, and I can do other peoples hair fine, its just my own- something I cant do- unfortunately. I really want to do my hair all pretty! Comment me tips please :).

There is just a few things I suck at! If I went into detail this would be a really long post! I hope you all enjoyed it, I just wanted to add that I'm thinking of setting up my YouTube channel, and my first post could be something similar to this. Can you leave me a comment telling me if you would watch it? Wow I am so sorry about the ranting, rambling post but I hope you enjoyed it! :)

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    Also anyone who is kind enough to read my blog! Just leave a link in the comments along with a cool comment and I will check them out!:)
    See you all soon!